WikiQuest 24: Our First Anniversary Return to Form!!!


Just in time for our one-year anniversary, WikiQuest is BACK for Season 2, and Ted and Elise are ready to take on all the articles Wikipedia can throw at us. The Ongoing Experiment in Conversation and Research continues! For reals this time!

Choice Topics: Elise’s Suite Life w/ Zack and Cody Connections, Clone Show on The Road foiled by the damn CLONE UNIONS. UGH. Okay, okay, here’s some more: WikiQuest Memories, Elise learns what Second Life is, “HA” as a unit of measurement, Butt Powder, Hermits Live by THEIR OWN RULES, Handshake Lessons w/ Ted Hubish, Blue Collar Comedians strike a chord with Elise (???), Does Larry Eat Poop?, Teacher Elise Builds an Entire Treehouse in the Classroom and We All Love It, Lopsided Woodshop w/ Lazy Elise, Mr. Zip, Ted Mixes Up Wisconsin and Minnesota. Thank you for listening 🙂

San Francesco del Deserto

Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy

Dr. Ward Beebe House

Arts and Crafts movement