WikiQuest 3: All Hallow’s Steve

Hey! Wake up! It’s the day after Halloween, buddy! Feelin’ alright? Here, let’s make you a nice cup of WikiQuest. Ted and Elise will cure what ails you if it’s the last thing any of us ever do! (That last bit is a vague reference to death, which is a key element of Halloween.)

Choice Topics: Bowling with Obama, Cool Grandma, Kids: Skip Church & Play Jenga, Adam & Steve, Punish Zone, Dead Peoples’ Court, Good Ghost Slimer, Blastfurnace Man, Lists, Betsy CAN Be A Fitness Trainer, Mr. Reflector, Best in Shirt, Spydentity

Ethel Bush

Thomas McKenna (trade unionist)

Dar Bernardo

Johannes Friedrich (linguist)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (The Fatima Group)

David Claypoole Johnston

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